The unique taste of The Bar-B-Q Shop's gourmet award winning sauces has always been something that has set The Bar-B-Q Shop off from other barbeque restaurants. The recipes for our gourmet sauces have been around for over fifty years. The Original (mild) Sauce provides a thickness that can be used to baste, marinade, or provide flavoring for your meat of choice. Our Hot Sauce also provides the same level of thickness but with a little warmth behind it. Our Hot Sauce does an excellent job of providing your meat with a hot flavor without taking away from the barbeque, smokey flavor itself. The Bar-B-Q Shop's Dry Seasoning was created later by Frank Vernon in the mid 80's. Our Dry Seasoning is an extraordinary seasoning because it can be used to season anything from chicken breasts, hamburger steaks, salmon of fillet catfish, to even a beef roast. The seasoning can be used with a marinade while prepping your food item, or it can be applied when your food comes out of the oven.

In 1995, the Vernon family decided to give their sauces and seasoning more of a branding. So they came up with The Dancing Pigs Product line. The Vernons wanted a product name that would be catchy enough to stay in the minds of the consumers but also a brand name that could stand on its on outside of the Memphis area. So, by taking the original pigs from The Bar-B-Q Shop and giving them a fresher look and title, The Dancing Pigs were born. Soon after giving birth to this new concept, we were permitted by the Kroger Grocery Chain to introduce our sauces and seasonings to the Memphis area. We started out with 10 Kroger stores in the Memphis area; and by the next year, we had moved up to 24 Kroger stores. At that time, we were hand delivering our sauce personally out of the back of a Ford Bronco. Presently, we are in over 100 Kroger Grocery Stores within 5 states. We have also developed a relationship with the Fresh Market Grocery Chain in the West Tennessee area and looking to expand into other areas as well.

Our Sauces and Seasoning have placed in contests over the years. In 2005 as well as 2008, our Dancing Pigs Hot Sauce won first place in the Fiery Food Challenge National Contest for Best Barbeque Sauce with a Vinegar base, which was featured in The Chile Pepper Magazine. We competed against more than 800 entries across the country.

The Bar-B-Q Shop's Dancing Pigs Dry Seasoning won the 2007 Fiery Food Challenge Golden Chile Award for the best Dry Seasoning/Rub. Our Dancing Pigs Dry Seasoning placed #1 out of more than 600 entries across the country.


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